Kamis, 13 September 2012

6 Signs That You Should Enroll in DJ School

Wondering what kind of person might consider audio training? Read on.

1. You wouldn't let your parents get rid of their old turntable.

In fact, you have a basement full of old equipment. You can't stand to part with any of it. If you are in love with the devices that play music, than you may be an excellent candidate for DJ school.

2. Not only did you not get rid of that old turntable, you set it up with a mixer and started inventing sounds.

The kind of person who signs up for audio courses has a deep appreciation for sound, so much so that they like to try to make sounds of their own. Like many people, they have a turntable in their basement, but unlike most people, that turntable isn't gathering any dust. Rather, it is being experimented with to create new sounds. Using your old devices to make new sounds is another strong indication that audio training may be a good path for you.

3. You judge a movie by its soundtrack.

Some people judge movies by their story, others by the acting or special effects. But someone who is destined for audio courses may pay more attention to the soundtrack.

4. And by soundtrack, we don't just mean the music.

Audio training can prepare students to create all kinds of sound, including sound effects for movie, TV, radio shows, video games, events, theatrical productions and other kinds of installations. So when we say that someone who may be well suited for DJ school may take a special interest in movie soundtracks, I mean that they may be more impressed with the sound that of toast popping out of a toaster or of cars racing around the track than necessarily with the score.

5. But we're not discounting music either.

Some people are drawn to audio training out of a desire for a musical career that makes the most of their inborn musical talent. The graduates of audio courses who go on to produce live sound or to help artists lay down tracks in the studio need to have a good ear. It will be incumbent on them to identify and excise false notes. Similarly, graduates of DJ school will need to be able to mix different songs together in an artful way. Audio is part art, part science.

6. You like working with computers.

Turntables aside, increasingly the technology we use to make, record and broadcast sounds is digitally based. So anyone embarking on audio courses today should be prepared to spend a good chunk of their working life in front of a computer.

Sound interesting? The next step is to look for audio training courses at a community college near you.

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